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EsEmKa car will establish cooperation with Germany

Published 03 Februari 2012, Author Tenang Pranata, S.Pd., M.Pd., Directory News, Viewed 2899 Times.

SOLO - Development Esemka car would be more perfect with the automotive giant's involvement Jerman.Kedutaan origin of the Republic of Indonesia (Embassy) Berlin tries to establish cooperation with manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen (VW), Opel, and BMW to develop a national car.

Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy Diah Wulandari M Rubianto said the involvement of leading automotive manufacturers is a great potential in developing a national car. Embassy intends to open up bilateral cooperation between Germany and Indonesia, especially for the development of Esemka car. "We will facilitate a meeting with the automotive industry in Germany as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, and BMW. As is known, Germany has the largest automotive industry, " said Diah Wulandari M Rubianto in the Gandrung Loji Mayor's official residence yesterday.

Regarding the forms of cooperation could be discussed by both parties. In this respect Germany has plenty of experts who can transmit knowledge in the field of automotive. According to Diah, information about the national car vocational student assemblies widely heard until the Embassy in Berlin. By the Embassy in Berlin, Germany assessed the potential to support the development of Esemka car. "Mr. Ambassador (Eddy Pratomo) are very enthusiastic to find places that are able to work together regarding Esemka car. We will facilitate cooperation between Esemka interwoven with partners in Germany, "he explained. Diah tried immediately scheduled a meeting between the German automotive industry with Esemka team. Moreover, Solo Mayor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is scheduled to leave for Germany in March in order Exhibitiondi Berlin International Tourism.

Later, after the two countries reached an agreement, teams can Esemka study in Germany or of German technicians were sent to Solo for training. According to Diah, enter the year to-60 Indonesia-German cooperation, bilateral relations in various fields increasingly enhanced. Jokowi was an opportunity that opened Embassy Esemka increasingly encouraged the team to work better.

There, Jokowi would adopt the way of automotive product development to be applied to domestic automobile industry Esemka. "We're going to explore exactly how to raise the car manufacturing industry in Indonesia? Then the positioning like what? "Said Jokowi. He hopes to realize the Embassy of cooperation because Indonesia needed such technology transfer.


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