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S2 Communication and Information Scholarship Information

Published 03 Februari 2012, Author Tenang Pranata, S.Pd., M.Pd., Directory Education Articles, Viewed 3583 Times.

Just pass the information from the right mailing list:

Yaaaayyy, scholarship S2 Kominfo come again! Those who really want to go back to school, please take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible. The deadline for submission of its terms is prior to the date of February 29, 2012. So, that is approximately the value of TOEFL or IELTS and TPA (Test of Academic Potential) you are still not sufficient, there is still time for another month to get the minimum value required.

Just to help share information, this scholarship is intended for: civil servants, ie civil servants in ministries and agencies of non-ministerial agencies, including members of the army / police, both within the central and local governments, educational institutions, namely leadership, faculty, and staff in educational institutions, both public and private, and private sector employees, the employees and employee of private companies, who work a minimum of 2 (two) years in the field of ICT.

The terms you need to meet is you have to:

  1. A graduate degree (S1)
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 2.90 (scale of 4)
  3. Has a value of Institutional TOEFL (ITP) of at least 570 or IELTS at least 6.5
  4. Has a value of Academic Potential Test (TPA) at least 550
  5. Received permission from the competent authority (for civil servants at least by Echelon II, for at least Lecturer or Senior Lecturer by the Dean, for private sector employees by the head of the company)
  6. Have a at least 2 years work experience
  7. Maximum 35-year-old
  8. Do not have a degree and not currently receiving other scholarships and / or are following the S2 education program

Later, for you are applying for this scholarship and graduated in the selection will follow the Education Program S2 in college, in collaboration with the Communication and Information in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Australia.

Applicants must choose a course of study according to fields of study established by the Ministry of Communications, among others:

  1. Law (Cyber??, Satellite, Telecommunications, and other legal areas related to ICT)
  2. Economics (e-Commerce, e-Business, Accounting and Financial Information System, and other economic fields related to ICT)
  3. Computer Science
  4. Information Engineering
  5. Electrical / Electronics
  6. Telecommunications Engineering
  7. Digital Media and / or New Media
  8. Science Communication: Broadcasting, Journalism, Advertising, Graphic Design, Animation, Public Relations, Creative Media

Well, if one of the many courses there is to be your interest, what are you waiting? Please register online here and fill out the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of identity card: birth certificate, identity card, passport (if any)
  2. Photocopy of diploma S1, which legalized
  3. Photocopy of diploma S1 which has been translated into English
  4. Photocopy of transcript of the value of S1 is legalized
  5. Photocopy of transcript of the value of S1 which has been translated into English
  6. Photocopy of certificate of ITP TOEFL / IELTS
  7. Health Certificate from the Doctor
  8. Photocopy of Certificate of UPP TPA TPA Bappenas
  9. Police records Certificate
  10. Letter of Acceptance from foreign universities (if existing)
  11. Academic Experience and Motivation Study (Appendix 1)
  12. Applicants sealed affidavit (Appendix 2)
  13. Letter of recommendation from employers (Appendix 3)
  14. 4 pieces of colored photograph 4 x 6 cm

It's quite a lot of documents to be prepared, but if the intention was made to use the scholarship to school again, of course, all this difficulties can you live with sincerity and joy, right?

Good luck, hope you become one of the successful applicants!


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