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Go Green School Competency

19 Januari 2017 Author: P.Son Viewed: 937 Times Read More

...............Go Green School...

10 Province Integrited UN

12 Mei 2016 Author: P.Son Viewed: 1136 Times Read More


Curriculuum 2013 by M Nuh

18 Juli 2013 Author: P.Son Viewed: 1864 Times Read More


PascaGraduate in 2015 for Teacher Profesion

18 Juli 2013 Author: P.Son Viewed: 2218 Times Read More


Indonesia develop Interactive Digital Book

11 Maret 2013 Author: P.Son Viewed: 1925 Times Read More


MK : RSBI Dismissed

11 Januari 2013 Author: P.Son Viewed: 2119 Times Read More


2013 Curiculumm

07 Januari 2013 Author: P.Son Viewed: 3063 Times Read More


S2 Communication and Information Scholarship Information

03 Februari 2012 Author: P.Son Viewed: 2687 Times Read More

Just pass the information from the right mailing list: Yaaaayyy, scholarship S2 Kominfo come again! Those who really want to go back to school, please take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible. The deadline for submission of its terms is prior to the date of February 29, 2012. So, that is approximately the value of TOEFL or IELTS and TPA (Test of Academic Potential) you are...

Indonesia Education Index Declines

01 Februari 2012 Author: P.Son Viewed: 2244 Times Read More

JAKARTA, - education development index for all or education for all in Indonesia declined. If in 2010 and Indonesia is ranked 65, this year's ranking slipped to 69. Based on the data in the Education For All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report 2011: The Hidden Crisis, Armed Conflict and Education issued by the Organization for Education, Science, and Culture of the United Nations...

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